PhyzioGenomics Technology

PhyzioGenomics Technology is a proprietary platform integrating genotypic and phenotypic measures to correlate gene variability with physiological variability. Genomas has established a DNA repository and clinical registry of 6,000 patients in mental illness, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The clinical data from these extensive cohorts is integrated systematically into the PhyzioClinica Database.

PhyzioGenomics Technology is a medical application of sensitivity analysis and systems engineering. Sensitivity analysis is the study of the relationship between input and output from a system as determined by each system component. PhyzioGenomics Technology utilizes the genes as the components of the system. The gene variability, measured by single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), is correlated to physiological responses of a population, the output. PhyzioGenomics Technology determines how the SNP frequency varies among individuals similarly responding to the input over the entire range of the response distribution. The mechanisms of drug resistance and of common, clinically intensive side effects involve multiple physiological pathways suitable for PhyzioGenomics analysis. We brand our medical management products as PhyzioTypeTM Systems.

We analyze the genome to derive the optimal candidate genes for which SNPs are included in each PhyzioType System. This approach is carried out by means of our PhyzioGenomic Arrays derived from selected cardio-metabolic and neuro-endocrine genes, from selected pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic genes, and from genome-wide representation as well as genomic controls. This exhaustive association analysis endows our PhyzioType systems with unparalleled robustness and predictive power to our associations. PhyzioGenomics utilizes nanotechnology-based platforms and biomedical systems engineering to integrate genomic variations with clinically validated predictions of drug response.

Development of the PhyzioType Systems as multi-gene ensembles has been enabled by the Company's 6,000 patient PhyzioClinica Database and DNA repository and by its proprietary PhyzioGenomics Technology. The company has published 60 peer-reviewed scientific articles, and won 4 Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) awards from NIH for PhyzioType product development. Genomas has established an intellectual property portfolio of 3 issued U.S. Patents, 3 patents pending as U.S. applications, 1 U.S. Copyright, and 3 registered Trademarks. The PhyzioGenomics Technology is covered by U.S. Patent 7,747,392 (Physiogenomic Method for Predicting Clinical Outcomes of Treatment in Patients).

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