Product Strategy for The Genetic Prescription System: GPS for Drugs

Similar to the Global Positioning Systems used in vehicles today to help us reach our intended destinations, our pharmacogenetic products enable a 'genetic prescription system' to be implemented from correlations of gene variation and drug response outcomes. This drug GPS will lead physicians and patients to their desired treatment goal, resulting in more effective healthcare. The initial target markets for our products are the management of psychiatric, cardiovascular, and diabetes medications. The Genomas mission is to be the leading company in DNA-guided medicine by developing a new standard of care using proprietary drug management systems guided by the patient's own genome. Our products, PhyzioType Systems, give physicians the ability to personalize clinical management by selecting the drug with the least risk and greatest efficacy.

The company has pursued the Drug GPS model through a pipeline of PhyzioType products. The HILOmet PhyzioType System is in the clinical market for qualitative DNA-Guided prescription of neuropsychiatric and cardiometabolic drugs. A next generation of PhyzioType products are in development for quantitative DNA-Guided prescription of antipsychotics (PIMS), statins (SINM), and anti-diabetic drugs (GLIM).

Based on our experience with clinical practice and patient referrals, we believe that our products can be readily integrated with medical practice and prescribing protocols. Our products improve medical management and boost patient compliance with pharmacotherapy. The critical junctures for utilization of our products are during follow up of patients already experiencing drug resistance or intolerance to assist the physician in determining the cause of poor response or side effects, and upon initiation of drug therapy in high-risk or vulnerable patients.

For patients identified by the clinician as high-risk or vulnerable, prognostic use of our products has substantial clinical value and cost benefit. These patients have existing co-morbidities such as severe depression or diabetes and are vulnerable to dire consequences (e.g. suicide or myocardial infarcts). Physicians may adopt our PhyzioType tests at the initial point of prescription to mitigate the risks inherent in trial and error prescribing. Prognostic use may be clinically beneficial for young patients 8 to 18 years old, a sector of the population increasingly being prescribed psychotropic drugs.

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