Personalized Health Portal (PHP): Medical Informatics Enabling DNA-Guided Medicine

The Personalized Health Portal integrates pharmacokinetic information available from the FDA, drug manufacturers, pharmacogenetic databases and studies by Genomas to determine the drugs that each patient would be most likely to tolerate and process given the person’s innate drug metabolism capacity determined by the HILOmet PhyzioType System. PHP provides therapeutic guidance for 250 medications: 130 neuro-psychiatric drugs (antidepressants, neuroleptics, anticonvulsants, anxiolytics, stimulants, analgesics, hypnotics) and 120 cardio-metabolic drugs (to treat hypertension, diabetes, angina, thrombosis, GERD, ED, asthma).

The PHP utilizes an intuitive format display using colors and simple figures to guide drug choices. Depending on the patient’s combinatorial genotype the PHP algorithms color drugs red, yellow and green following a semaphore analogy. Red denotes “Modify” drug choice; yellow, “Monitor”; and green, “Use”. It also provides guidance on dosage using ovals: empty ovals denote “Below Normal” dosing; shaded ovals, “Low Normal”; solid ovals, “High Normal”; and double solid ovals, “Above Normal”. PHP also provides guidance on drug interactions and active metabolites which is coupled to the patient’s individual combinatorial genotype.

Screen displays of the Demonstration version of the PHP are shown for illustration. The Demonstration contains 6 patients, named after cartoon characters illustrating a wide range of combinatorial genotypes and metabolic reserve, which are representative of our patient referral base. To access the Demonstration version of the PHP please contact Genomas. The PHP graphical user interface and supporting algorithms are copyrighted by Genomas (U.S. Copyright Registration Number VA 1-797-692, Personalized Health Portal).