PhyzioType Systems

PhyzioTypeTM Systems for drug management have 3 components: an ensemble of inherited, stable DNA markers from various genes, a bioclinical algorithm validated in clinical studies to ascertain the medical significance of a patient's DNA marker configuration and a reporting portal enabling physicians to select the best drug based on each patient's individual's efficacy response and risk of developing common, clinically intensive side effects.

The Genomas mission is to be the leading company in DNA-guided medicine enabling a new standard of personalized medicine based on the patient's genome and innate constitution. Our PhyzioType products give physicians the ability to personalize clinical management by comparing a patient's response from drugs in a therapeutic class and selecting the drug with the greatest efficacy and least risk of side effects. Each of our PhyzioType Systems is non-invasive and designed to deliver the following key benefits:

  • Clinically Actionable Information. Personalized information regarding an individual's drug response for major drugs in a therapeutic class to provide treatment guidance to physicians
  • Objective Results. Statistically predictive analysis which will allow the physician to objectively recommend an initial treatment course
  • Noninvasive Tests. Performance using a sample of the patient's peripheral blood or a buccal swab.
  • Quality Control. All tests processed at our own Laboratory of Personalized Health to provide consistent quality and ensure timely turnaround
  • Rapid Turnaround. Binary nature of the gene SNPs lends itself to "digital" data analysis with turnaround speed and analytical simplification substantially enhanced compared to other platforms in the industry reliant on "analogue" expression of genes and proteins.

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