Bringing DNA-Guided Medicine to Healthcare Today

Genomas is a biomedical company delivering Personalized Medicine to modern clinical practice. The company develops revolutionary PhyzioType Systems for DNA-guided management and prescription of drugs used to treat mental illness, pain, heart disease, and diabetes. PhyzioType Systems are designed to provide physicians with an unprecedented capability to select for each patient the safest and most effective drug to achieve treatment goals and enhance patient compliance. PhyzioType Systems are composed of an ensemble of inherited DNA polymorphisms genotyped by arrays and interpreted by a bioclinical algorithm in order to convey to physicians predicted comparisons of side effect risk and efficacy among drugs for the individual patient.

The company’s clinical pharmacogenetic tests and consultation service are provided through its Laboratory of Personalized Health (LPH), an accredited and licensed high-complexity molecular diagnostic center and its Personalized Health Portal (PHP), a medical informatics interface for clinician decision support. Genomas is located on the campus of Hartford Hospital in downtown Hartford, Connecticut.

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